This is what solves

Unsatisfactory performance of the car
Too high Fuel consumption
Continuous gear changes
Power loss at full car's load
Slow overtaking
Turbo lag and empty power
Slow departures at the traffic light
Delayed throttle response
Power loss in towing caravan
Power loss in towing rollers
Power loss when air conditioning is on
Decrease in speed in uphill paths
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
The perfect solution to customers’ requests
After having listened and evaluated the most important demands from our customers and visitors, RacingBox™ opens the newline of RacingBox2™ products designed and manufactured to solve the problems of the majority of drivers.

RacingBox™ We improve your World!
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
Performance beyond comparison
The lack of power from low revs is eliminated, the curves of TORQUE and POWER are increased up to 40%, the response of the engine is faster, departure at traffic lights is quicker, the fear of not overtaking is now just a memory.
We improve the performance of your engine to make driving fun and above all safe. Our products satisfy the most demanding customers for both those who want extreme performance and those who prefer a better engine response combined with the pleasure of driving.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
Power is nothing without control. Let be tempted by RacingBox!
All the RacingBox™ chiptuning units are already programmed and adjusted specifically for your engine when they are sold, but if you want you can change the power thanks to the controls inside the device.
RacingBox™ is designed to supply more power and torque, while respecting the tolerances specified by the manufacturer of your car. There is no risk of wear and tear both for the mechanical parts and for the electrical system.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
You decide when to activate your RacingBox™!
Thanks to the Innovative RacingBox™ technology you can decide when you want to give more power to your car! You can choose between:

- Switch
- Wireless remote control
- New iPower™ system

RacingBox™ Pure, Active, Effective
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
Clean energy: ECO-TUNING™ Function
After the installation of a RacingBox™ chip tuning box, you will notice a clear reduction of fuel consumption. By keeping a conventional driving style, you will notice a decrease in consumption of up to one liter of fuel per 100 kilometers. Many satisfied customers have reported a reduction in fuel consumption, resulting in fuel savings up to 20%. This means that a person driving an average of 15,000 kilometers per year could save up to 300 euro each year. This is possible thanks to the ECO-TUNING™ function of the RacingBox2™ chiptuning boxes.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
RacingBox™ Power for your life
The increase of available torque at lower engine revs allows you to make better use of the gear shift ,avoiding frequent gear changes, avoiding unnecessary thrusts of the accelerator, reducing fuel consumption. This is possible thanks to the constant monitoring of the quantity of fuel to be injected, of the injection pressure and injection timing.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
Save money thanks to RacingBox™ chip tuning
With a conventional driving style and moderate speeds, thanks to the Eco-Tuning Technology™ you can achieve fuel savings of up to 20%.
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