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RacingBox™ is now one of the main manufacturers of tuning boxes in the world.RacingBox™ has always taken the greatest care in the selection of partners. Our commitment is to provide technological and innovative products that will help you to differentiate yourselves from competitors and increase sales opportunities. It is no coincidence if with the majority of our business clients we have a long-term partnership.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
Become a Business client. There is a great offer for you!
We are constantly looking for new distribution partners worldwide. We offer great advantages and highly competitive prices.

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Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
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Every year RacingBox™ sells thousands of products all over the world and exports to over 60 countries. The SUCCESS of this result is due to the undisputed quality of the RacingBox™ products and all our customers are fully satisfied. Each year, the RacingBox™ web site welcomes millions of chip tuning fans who follow the news of the Brand.

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Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
Dedicated Technical and Sale Support
To all our Partners we offer a dedicated and timely assistance, for any information we provide highly qualified personnel.

- Special Offers
- Immediate shipment of order
- Dedicated and Timely Service
- Tracking the order until destination
- Safe Packaging
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
Our target is your customers’ satisfaction

The technology and innovative features of the RacingBox2® modules provide excellent functionality and they are easy to use. We offer a wide range of products to our customers in order to satisfy the most demanding needs.

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Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
There are those pursuing the business and those leading it

The reliability, safety, excellent quality and ease of installation of the RacingBox2™products will convince your customers. Moreover, the increase in performance together with a reduction in fuel consumption will be a great word of mouth and will increase your profits.