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Excellent Product Quality
Highly Skilled and Qualified Team
Excellent Know-How in the Chip Tuning field
Huge passion for racing engines!
RacingBox™ Power for your life.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
That’s how things change… how RacingBox™ is born
It all started in 1997 when the founders of RacingBox™, with a huge passion for changes on racing engines, have started to tune automotive engines , either by OBD tuning and also with the installation of additional chip tuning modules. The RacingBox™ Company was founded in 2008 and in a very short time it became one of the leaders in the Chip Tuning market .
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
Every day we set new standards in the Tuning field
A dynamic and highly specialized company which excels in making circuits targeted to increase power and optimize consumption in automotive engines.
With skill, experience and passion for technological innovation, RacingBox™ differentiates itself because of the particular attention it pays to the customers’ needs.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
Our passion goes everywhere
Every year RacingBox™ sells thousands of chip tuning modules all over the world, exporting its products to over 60 countries. The SUCCESS of this result is certainly due to the undisputed quality of the RacingBox™ products. It is a success that owes nothing to chance. All of our customers are fully satisfied with the results coming from the RacingBox™ tuning boxes. Many retailers distribute the brand RacingBox™ worldwide. Each year, the RacingBox™ web site welcomes millions of visitors and chip tuning fans who follow the news of the Brand.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
The work strategy adopted by RacingBox™ is clear:
• We always invest in Research and Development
• We are constantly informed of new automotive Technologies
• We guarantee our customers the best products on the market
• We offer accurate and on time pre and post sales services
• 100% Made in Italy, no compromise with Quality
• Our Mission: To be the number One in both quality and service
• Our Target: Our customers’ Satisfaction
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
More reasons to use RacingBox™
A Team made up of people of all ages with remarkable experience in the chip tuning field. The Research & Development department is made up of a team of engineers, programmers and technicians, that design and develop products of high Technological content every day, in addition to carefully select our suppliers, who can work with us only if they meet our high quality standards.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
With us you can..Let yourself be tempted..Enter in RacingBox™!
The sales department stands out as a key point in the dynamics of the Company. It handles the Business with extreme professionalism and speed, and it also stands out for its excellent customer service with a fast and friendly assistance.
RacingBox™ keeps on investing in Research and Development, thus maintaining its leadership in the market, which is the key of its everlasting Success.