The Most Powerful
The Most Advanced
We have established a new record
Smart projects and innovative materials
Advanced processors, Auto Adaptive Technology
Powered in Performance and affordable in price
RacingBox™ the Technology of the future. Today.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
RacingBox™: Leading Company in Innovation
All of the RacingBox™ products are designed and manufactured in our development center in accordance with the Lean principles and they are distributed worldwide. We don’t leave anything to chance. We continuously update our working method with the tools that the technological progress gives us everyday. Through professional simulation software, we make thousands of tests before introducing new products and / or updates on the market.

All products are absolutely made in Italy!
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
No Human Error: Robotic Production
All components used in our products are certified for automotive use. The production of our cards is not delivered by hand or by solders craft, but through PICK & PLACE surface mount, this ensures the ultimate standard in quality, making the product reliable through the years.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
Complete Reliability: Strict Certification Test
During production process, every component undergoes severe tests to determine its correct operation. Our quality standards make our products an excellence in the industry. With professionalism, experience and passion for technological innovation, RacingBox™ sets new standards in the field of "chip tuning" cars every day.

all of our products are tested 4 times before being introduced to the market.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
New emotions while driving thanks to the Auto Adaptive™ System
In RacingBox™ we never stop to improve ourselves, even when we think that everything is perfect, we improve our work in order to achieve excellence in our industry. With the help of the latest generation of INTELLIGENT PROCESSORS the innovative Auto Adaptive™ software monitors, analyzes, and fit through 50,000 acquisitions per each second, the supply of torque and power to suit your needs.

Our Target: to meet the drivers’ needs.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
You decide the power of your car
To meet even the most demanding people’s requests wanting to customize the increase in power and torque of their own car, we have included in all RacingBox2™ modules, some adjustment devices.

Furthermore, through the aid of a switch or a wireless remote control you can activate/deactivate your RacingBox2™ at any time.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
New Power Adaptive™: When Electronics controls Mechanics
The latest innovation of the RacingBox™ center of Research & Development , the new Power Adaptive™ technology allows you to select  10 different curves of power and torque, also RacingBox innovative technology adapts itself to the path you're walking.

Enjoy the pleasure of driving, the rest is RacingBox.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
RacingBox™ Safety first all
All the RacingBox™ modules have different integrated Safety functions, including:

Safe-Engine™. This feature constantly monitors all parameters of your engine and once past the Maximum Threshold, it Enables a recovery system to protect your car.
Spike & polarity protection™.A Protection System deletes any interference coming from the electrical circuit and protects it from any wrong connection.
Chiptuning for diesel cars RacingBox
RacingBox™: Exclusive Design also
The first rule in the RacingBox™ production department is Quality! The innovative materials and technological solutions proposed by RacingBox™ are always the best in the field .The newest invention from the RacingBox™ researchers, not only it will surprise us, but it will also mesmerize us! This is the new aluminium box.

It is an super strong , waterproof, flame retardant, with a strong visual impact.