Racing Box is the only chiptuning with specific map for your car. Our chiptuning can increase power and decrease fuel consumption in fast and easy way. Search now your car in our database and find out the quality of Racing Box!



    The Racing Box chiptuning guarantees you incredible performance: increased power and torque up to 40%, speed increase up to 10% and fuel economy up to 20%. Just drive, everything else will take care Racing Box!



    Improved performance and increased power guaranteed. Our chiptuning meets the highest technological standards to guarantee unique experiences and a rebirth of your car. Search your car and jumps at our offer, your car will come back as good as new!



    Racing Box is a product guaranteed for quality and efficiency, in fact with us you can have up to 2 years of warranty. Also if you purchase the Racing Box you will be entitled to 15 days money back guarantee. Your Racing Box chiptuning is waiting for you!



    Racing Box: the only one chiptuning specific for common rail diesel engine cars that gives you a fuel saving of up to 20%. Buy now your Racing Box and you can try it yourself saving on your wallet.



    Easy to install in 5 minutes. No wires to cut and no long and complicated procedures. The packaging includes the instruction manual, simple and with few specific instructions for each chiptuning. Do not you believe it? Try it yourself.



    Racing Box accessories are designed to improve performance and usability of our units. Use the Wireless Remote Controller to configure your Racing Box, or activete the unit with the convenient switch. You can enable or disable your Racing Box when you want... Just a click!



    Racing Box is the only unit with 10 maps for your car. You can choose from a sport mapping to a save more fuel mapping. With Racing Box you have the control!

Discover the the top of chiptunings specific for over 3500 cars

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Power Increase

Centralina aggiuntiva Racing Box: Aumento potenza

Power increase up to 40% guaqranteed with Racing Box. Do not wait, watch now increase performance!

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Less Consumptions

Centralina aggiuntiva Racing Box: Diminuisci i consumi

Racing Box is the only chiptuning diesel cars with software specific for each brand, model and engine. Save fuel now!

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Easy Installation

Centralina aggiuntiva Racing Box: Installazione facile

Everything you need is included in the package. No wires to cut and specific instruction manual in the box!

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Secure Payments

Centralina aggiuntiva Racing Box: Pagamenti sicuri

Convenient and secure payments at 100%. You can choose between: credit card, bank transfer or cash on delivery.

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Insured Shipping

Centralina aggiuntiva Racing Box: Spedizione assicurata

Insured shipping. Reception secure worldwide within 24-48 hours with tracking code.

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2 Years Warranty

Centralina aggiuntiva Racing Box: 2 anni di garanzia

Each Racing Box is guaranteed 2 years. The quality of Racing Box chiptuning is undisputed. Do not wait!

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All the answers to the Chip Tuning questions

Discover the world of additional ECUs and why tuning helps you in everyday life
Let's talk about tuning for your car: why use an ECU chip tuning box?

According to many researches, today people spend more than 1 hour and a half each day at the wheel and this makes driving one of the main activities of our daily life. But when you think about the time spent at the wheel is wrong to put in the first places only the comfort you can feel inside the cockpit, you have to think about the pleasure and comfort of driving. How often do you stay comfortable in the car but get nervous during a maneuver, overtaking or a climb because your car does not "respond" as we would like? Even if you know the answer, I anticipate it ... so many times! In addition to not making us "lose patience" during a slow start at the traffic lights, cars can give us indescribable emotions in guiding them if supported in the most appropriate way. This is how the chiptuning comes into play! For more than 10 years we have been involved in the design, production and sale of additional modules for common rail diesel cars and our aim is only one: to guarantee to all those who purchase our products that they can fully enjoy the performance of their vehicle in every moment that they want, both in terms of power and torque and in terms of consumption. That's why here in our online store we offer a catalog of our tuning box chips for over 3500 car models.

What is an chiptuning and what does it really mean?

We give some technical information without boring anyone. The additional control units consist of microprocessors that acquire the injection signals sent by the ECU (the original control unit of your car) and digitize them. These signals are reprocessed and optimized several thousand times per second following specific diagrams. By modifying these diagrams, the nebulization of the diesel fuel in the combustion chamber is really optimized in order to modify the yield of the car.

How doeas t works chip tuning with a RacingBox product?

The operating principle of the RacingBox add-on units is based on the modification of the times, loads and injection pressures. The optimized values ​​are in turn converted and sent in real time to the engine and results in an increase in maximum power and torque, with a reduction in consumption. Digital Signal Processing allows optimization of engine performance with smooth and tear-free delivery. Therefore, the application of the additional RacingBox modules guarantees a greater torque to a lower number of revolutions so that more power and torque are available at all engine speeds; this is why overtaking, acceleration and sporting driving are possible at any time. Driving comfort is better, continuous gear changes are reduced and the original engine performance is achieved with less throttle pressure. The turbo lag is minimized or eliminated. Ultimately our control units make possible a sporty and convenient use of the car as well as the ability to save fuel.

What is a remapping? Why would a RacingBox module be cheaper?

For a variety of reasons our products are cheaper. First of all a remapping involves the physical opening and / or a new writing of the ECU (motherboard of your car), invalidating the original warranty of the car and if it is too pushed you will not notice engine failure, so you risk to damage some component of the your engine without having the slightest knowledge. Moreover, these procedures are often carried out by unqualified personnel and to get the car back to its original state, it is necessary to go back to the coach who made the modification of your ECU. Lastly, there is the much higher cost both in economic terms and in terms of time. Instead, our RacingBox control units are designed and programmed by highly qualified engineers.

So tuning my car with a RacingBox can damage my engine?

The answer is simple: No! RacingBox is designed to provide greater torque and power, while respecting the tolerances specified by the manufacturer of your car. There is no risk of wear and damage both for the mechanical parts and for the electrical system. All RacingBox modules have several integrated safety functions including the SAFE-ENGINE function. This function constantly monitors all the parameters of your engine and, if the maximum threshold is exceeded, activates a Recovery system to protect and protect your car. You can also return to the original settings of your car at any time as our products are designed to work in parallel with your ECU and it will not even be possible to diagnose in any way that a RacingBox module has been used: precisely for these reasons Your car's warranty will remain intact (no parameter is changed in the ECU of your car).

Will I have problems with the automatic transmission and with the FAP or DPF?

Here too the answer is simple: No! Thanks to continuous studies and research, our control units are designed for maximum compatibility; so they are 100% compatible with all automatic transmission systems. In addition, the software loaded inside the RacingBox modules work perfectly with the new anti-pollution devices. The Fap or Dpf will maintain regular operation as well as the normal regeneration cycles dictated by the parent company. Efforts towards increasingly efficient technologies are carried out with respect for nature and foster our commitment to safeguard and improve people's lives.

Does it needs an expert to mount the RacingBox?

The answer is simple here too: No! Mounting a RacingBox module is a breeze. In most cases it takes 10 to 15 minutes, without special tools and without specific knowledge about vehicles. We provide wiring with connectors taken directly from the companies that supply the big car manufacturers, thus guaranteeing 100% compatibility. In the Kit you will find the original Plug & Play harnesses specific to your car, all this for a quick installation and without having to cut any wire.

I saw products with photos very similar to yours: the control units are all the same?

Absolutely not! We have been victims of our success and we are surprised to find on the Internet many sites that scrupulously copy our texts, photos, power curves, etc .... So be cautious because it is not always who declares himself a producer! There are many companies that improvise in the field of chiptuning, with analog products, made in china and of low quality. RacingBox is Leader in the Automotive sector and all RacingBox products are 100% Made in Italy, designed and produced by qualified personnel. Strict quality tests and PC simulations determine the excellence of our products. Do not entrust your car to anyone, choose the quality. In case you have doubts about products or websites that you see on the internet, do not hesitate to contact us.