Chiptuning Peugeot 207 1.4 HDI 68 hp

Chiptuning Peugeot 207 1.4 HDI 68 hp
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Peugeot 207 1.4 HDI 68 hp

The only one with specific software for Common rail diesel cars.
See for yourself theincreased power and the fuel economy:

68 hp
150 nm
100 hp
229 nm
+ 10%
- 20%
- 1,2 sec
  • Installation in 5 minutes with the cabling and the specific manual?for your car included in the package
  • Assured delivery. Reception guaranteed worldwide in 24-48 hours with tracking to see where is your RacingBox.

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Remote Control

Control your RacongBox with max comfort. No connection to be made. Encrypted signal.

Remote Control
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Switch On/Off

Better control of your RacingBox: switch it when you want. 2 meters cable included.

Switch On/Off
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Pass from your native control to your RacingBox al safety. Whenever you want.

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Chiptuning for Peugeot 207 1.4 HDI 68 cv common rail diesel engine

The Chiptuninges produced by are the result of a new generation of additional modules to increase the performance of the engine.
The is a leader in the design and development of additional units, modules and electronic circuits, through simulation and CAD software we create products that represent the state of the art in the field of automotive tuning.

Chiptuning with specific mapping for Peugeot 207 1.4 HDI 68 cv common rail diesel engine

All RacingBox units are sold already programmed and adjusted specifically for your engine, but if you want you can change the power thanks to the controls inside the device.
The Racingbox is designed to provide more power and torque, while respecting the tolerances specified by the manufacturer of your car. There is no risk of wear and damage to the mechanical parts and to the electrical system

Sector of use: tuning and car accessories, professional module

It all started in 1997 when the founders of RacingBox, with a huge passion for changes on racing engines, have started to tune automotive engines , either by OBD tuning or also with the installation of additional chip tuning modules. The RacingBox Company was founded in 2008 and in a very short time it became one of the leaders in the Chiptuninges market (ChipTuning).

Intended Use: Tuning, + engine performance, reduced fuel consumption

Racingbox: Leading Company in Innovation

All of the RacingBox products are designed and manufactured in our development center in accordance with the Lean principles and they are distributed worldwide.
We don’t leave anything to chance. We continuously update our working method with the tools that the technological progress gives us nowadays. Through professional CAD and simulation software, we carry out thousands of tests before introducing new products and / or updates on the market.

All products are absolutely made in Italy!

Performance beyond comparison

The lack of power from low revs is eliminated, the curves of TORQUE and POWER are increased up to 40%, the response of the engine is faster, departure at traffic lights is quicker, the fear of not overtaking is now just a memory.
We improve the performance of your engine to make driving fun and above all safe. Our products satisfy the most demanding customers for both those who want extreme performance and those who prefer a better engine response combined with the pleasure of driving.

Main Features: + Power + Recovery + acceleration - consumption

Power is nothing without control. Let yourself be tempted!

You decide the power of your car: To meet even the most demanding people’s requests wanting to customize the increase in power and torque of their own car, we have included in all RacingBox modules, some adjustment devices.
Furthermore, through the aid of a switch or a wireless remote control you can activate/deactivate your RacingBox at any time.

Power adjustable: you can customize the power and fuel consumption

Racingbox Safety first all

All the Racingbox modules have different integrated Safety functions, INCLUDING:
Safe-Engine. This feature constantly monitors all parameters of your engine and once past the Maximum Threshold, it Enables a recovery system to protect your car.
Spike & polarity protection. A Protection System deletes any interference coming from the electrical circuit and protects it from any wrong connection.

Eco Fuel Technology

Reducing consumption, save fuel price

100% Made in Italy Robotic Production and certified components

No Human Error: Robotic Production, all components used in our products are certified for automotive use. The production of our Chiptuninges is not delivered by hand or by solders craft, but through ROBOT PICK & PLACE surface mount, this ensures the ultimate standard in quality, making the product reliable through the years.

Complete Reliability engine, no exhaust smoke

Complete Reliability : Strict Certification
Test During production process, every component undergoes severe tests to determine its correct operation. Our quality standards make our products an excellence in the industry. With professionalism, experience and passion for technological innovation, Racingbox sets new standards in the field of "chip tuning" cars every day.

All of our products are tested 4 times before being introduced to the market.

Full compatibility with FAP-DPF filter and automatic transmission

Every day we set new standards in the Tuning field
A dynamic and highly specialized company which excels in making circuits targeted to increase power and optimize consumption in automotive engines.
With skill, experience and passion for technological innovation, Racingbox differentiates itself because of the particular attention it pays to the customers’ needs.

Digital Technology

Processors Microchip of last generation

No wires to cut

Connectors original and specific for your car

Easy installation

Not detectable by the workshops in the diagnosis

Instruction Manual

with photos and text specific for your car


2 Years + 15 day money back guarantee.
RacingBox: Chiptuning; the solution for the STRESS of road RacingBox Power for your life exclusive technology: here is what solves: More power, more performance, more fuel economy. New RacingBox: your best chiptuning, high quality . Additional unit for diesel engines; the pleasure of driving. RacingBox: the only Chiptuning with software specific for your car. Look below the increase of the power RacingBox: increases power, increases the torque, increases the speed, decrease the consumption Racing Box: discount on all items, free shipment RacingBox: special offer, limited time offer RacingBox: new chiptuning, limites offer, low price, high quality. YOU HAVE THE CONTROL. Find out now the optionals. RacingBox: accessories for control of diesel chiptuning. If you have the necessity to turn on / off your RacingBox, with these accessories you can do so at any time... EVEN IN MOTION RacingBox: diesel chiptuning accessories, Wireless remote control, Switch On/Off, Wireless remote control On/Off, No connection to be made, encrypted signal, Switch On/Off, 2 meter cable supplied Aeronautical design RacingBox: diesel chiptuning accessories, Wireless remote control, Switch On/Off Easy Installation, Connectors original, no wires to cut RacingBox: diesel chiptuning assistance. Manual included in the shipment INSTRUCTION MANUAL Specific for your car with texts and images for installation INCLUDED IN THE SHIPMENT. The Essence of Technology Technical characteristics Full compatibility with all cars with automatic transmission Innovative Technology FAP-DPF Adaptive for cars with particle filter. Eco Fuel Tecnology, save fuel of up to one liter every 100 kilometers Led of correct installation undetectable through Diagnosis The warranty of your car remains unchanged Digital Technology The software RacingBox is specific for each car You decide the power With RacingBox you can customize the power of your car Adaptive-Control The RacingBox adapts to your driving Nothing dangers for your car. With the help of INTELLIGENT PROCESSORS of the latest generation, RacingBox monitors and protects your engine in real time. Water and moisture are left out Aluminum Box Waterproof and shockproof Undisputed quality, do not entrust your car to any Chiptuning, choose quality, choose Racingbox. RacingBox: diesel chiptuning technical specifications; RacingBox: buy now the best deiesel chiptuning. RacingBox: shipment diesel chiptuning with express courier, 24-48 hours. FAST DELIVERY AND GUARANTEED. We entrust our shipments only to carriers with the highest levels of efficiency AVERAGE DELIVERY TIME: 24-48H RacingBox: Express courier, Shipment Tracking, Sured Pack, RacingBox is not only quality, technology and innovation. We know that when each customer confirms his order, he would like to receive his RacingBox as soon as possible. For this reason we offer the following services free of charge to all our customers: EXPRESS SERVICE; TRACKING OF SHIPMENT; PACKAGE INSURED. If the order is placed before 2:00 pm, the package leaves the factory on the same day. DELIVERY IN 24/48 HOURS. Real time tracking of shipment , with our e-mail you can check online where your Racingbox is..We guarantee you will receive your order. If the courier loses your package, we will send another immediately. Shipment RacingBox: immediate ship, buy with credit card or paypal IMMEDIATE SHIPPING. Technology and Production MADE IN ITALY; RacingBox: Made in Italy Technology; The RacingBox Team Highly qualified personnel. RacingBox: Highly Qualified Team; Robotic Production, No Human Error; RacingBox: robotic production, Triple test before sale; RacingBox: triple test before sale; Digital technology; chip of last generation Digital technology RacingBox Your engine is safe. Control of the engine in real time, With RacingBox your engine is safe. LEADING COMPANY we ship to over 50 countries. RacingBox is a leader product in chipTuning 2 YEAR WARRANTY 15 days money back guarantee. RacingBox: 2 years warranty, 15 day money back. ARE YOU A SELLER OR A MECHANIC? Contact us and discover the offers dedicated to you. Become a RacingBox seller, special offers for you. RacingBox: limited offer, buy now your additional unit diesel. RacingBox: buy today your additional unit diesel

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