Chiptuning Bmw 2 214D 95 hp

Bmw 2 214D 95 hp

for common rail engine

Chiptuning Bmw 2 214D 95 hp, specific for your diesel common rail car. Look at characteristics e discover he performance increase: + More info

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Chiptuning Bmw 2 214D 95 hp
for common rail engine

Chiptuning Bmw 2 214D 95 hp Racing Box, the best for your diesel common rail car. You can increase power and toque thanks to the technology of the Racing Box chiptuning. Slow overtakes, continuous gear changes and high consumptions will no longer be a problem:

StandardRacing Box
Power95 hp125 hp
Torque Standard up to +40%
ConsumptionsStandardup to -15%
Chiptuning mappings

The chiptuning is sold already programmed and adjusted to your engine. If you wish you can change the power thanks to the controls in the device, by choosing one of 10 different settings.

Chiptuning Bmw 2 214D 95 hp what it solves
TechnologyDual core processor
PowerAdjustable to suit your needs
Eco-FuelFuel savings of up to 1 liter per 100 Km
FAP-DPF AdaptiveCompatibility for cars with diesel particulate filter
Safe EngineCheck and engine protection in real time
BoxWaterproof and shockproof aluminum
Warranty2 Years
More infosRead ours Frequently Asked Questions
Chiptuning Bmw 2 214D 95 hp power increase
  • Chiptuning Racingbox
  • Original and specifics connectors for your car
  • Installation guide with specifics photos

Chiptuning installation bmw 2

Original connectors and no wires to cut.

Installation of our chiptuning bmw 2 is really simple thanks to the specific installation manual with texts and images, included in the shipping.

Installation of Racing Box xhiptuning: Step 1
Step 1
Open the hood and remove the cover (cap) of the engine
Installation of Racing Box xhiptuning: Step 1
Step 2
Locate the sensor placed at the top or center of the common rail
Installation of Racing Box xhiptuning: Step 1
Step 3
Unplug the connector from the common rail and connect it to the included cable
Installation of Racing Box xhiptuning: Step 1
Step 4
Connect the wiring to the Racing Box

Accessories for your chiptuning

Select the accessory that you prefer for your chiptuning: you have the control.

If you need to turn on or off the chiptuning bmw 2 Racing Box, with these accessories you can do it whenever you want... also MOVING!

Chiptuning Racing Box: wireless remote control
Remote control

Control the chiptuning remotely in the best way. No wires. Encrypted signal.
45,00 €

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Chip tuning Racing Box: switch on/off
Switch On/Off

The chiptuning to your commands. Activate it when you want. 2 meters cable included.
20,00 €

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Chiptuning Racing Box: bypass

Pass from native control of your car to that of your chiptuning in complete safety.
10,00 €

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Delivery of your chiptuning fast and guaranteed.

We entrust the shipments of our chiptunings only to the best couriers.

Racing Box is not only quality, technology and innovation. We know that each customer after the purchase, would like to receive as soon as possible his Racing Box. Precisely for this reason we offer to our customers the following services:

Express service
Express service

If the order is placed by 14:00 (Italian time), the package leaves the factory the same day.

Shipping Tracking
Shipping Tracking

Traceability of your shipment in real time; through your email, you can check online where is your Racing Box chiptuning.

Insured delivery
Insured delivery

We guarantee the certainty of receiving your order. If the carrier were to lose your delivery, we will send immediately another chiptuning.

Our couriers

We entrust shipments of our chiptunings only to carriers with maximum efficiency.

Shipping chiptuning Racing Box - Italy
Express Service
Shipping chiptuning Racing Box - Worldwide
Priority Service
Plane service

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